JumpStart encourages students to believe in themselves

JumpStart Academics & Arts main purpose is to provide before and after school programs that offer a fun, safe and nurturing learning environment. JumpStart encourages students to believe in themselves, work hard and inspire creativity. At JumpStart we specialize in Performing Arts, Computer Science, Robotics, Coding / Programing, Video Gaming and Social Skills.

Mission Statement

Programs designed to foster positive development

The mission of JumpStart Academics & Arts is to offer programs designed to foster positive development of a child’s educational experience. JumpStart Academics & Arts is dedicated to the development and growth of our students to assist them in becoming eager students, responsible citizens and life-long learners.

VISION Statement

Exciting, challenging and secure learning atmosphere

JumpStart Academics & Arts is committed to provide our students, families and community an exciting, challenging and secure learning atmosphere where students are motivated to reach their highest potential. JumpStart Academics & Arts strives to shape the total development of each child, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.


A hands-on approach to education

JumpStart Academics & Arts provides a hands-on approach to education that meet the desires of our students. Staff and students work in teams to create small learning atmospheres. This teaming approach promotes the integration of the curriculum across content areas & promotes the development of projects that enhance student’s intellectual development and career exploration.

🤖 Robotics with Lego Spike Essential & Sphero Indi/SPRK+/Mini for Grades 1st-3rd 🤖

🤖 Robotics with Lego Spike Essential & Sphero Bolt/RVR for Grades 4th-5th 🤖

⌨ Coding & Robotics with Scratch 3.0 & Lego Education for Grades 3rd-5th ⌨

🎭 Press Start Production 🎭

🤖 Beginning Robotics with VEX 123 & Lego WeDo 2.0 🤖

🤖 Robotics 101 with VEX 123 & VEX GO 🤖

⌨ Coding and Video Game Design with Scratch ⌨

🎭 Improv Jr 🎭


We’d love to hear from you

Whether you have a question about programs, clubs, pricing, booking a demo, or any other inquiry, the JumpStart team is ready to answer your questions, we’re all ears.

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    Hear what our Clients Say

    JumpStart Academics & Arts provides exciting and engaging programs for kids. JumpStart staff keeps the children engaged and interested at all times. The school is so thrilled to have JumpStart apart of their after school programs. The children are inspired and learn something new every time the club meets. 

    Elizabeth Dilts

    Office Manager, Fremont Elementary (Long Beach, CA)

    JumpStart Academics & Arts robotics class is fun and educational. When I ask my 6 year old son what he likes best about the class he rattles off a dozen things and then just sums it up with “everything!”. I don’t think my son realizes he is “learning” or “in class” because it is presented in such a creative and entertaining way. Jamie is a lovely teacher who provides a safe and caring classroom. His focus on respect and kindness means everyone is welcome and each child gets a chance to be their best programmer self!

    Serene Davis

    CHUMCC Parent